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Married and Committed Couples
who struggle to keep love in your relationship and money in your accounts...

It is Sad to See So Many Couples Struggle When It is SO EASY to Keep
Relationship Fun and LOVING

Read About the ONLY Program that
Breaks All the Rules
for Building Exceptional Relationships

and uses that to Build Wealth!

If you are one of millions of couples that fell in love, married or in some other way merged your lives and committed to one another, only to find that it is not what you expected, read further. If you are one of millions of couples that with even both of you working, you don’t have the financial freedom you want, read further.

But the first question is…

“How long do you want to keep doing
what isn’t working?”

The problem is not your fault and there is a lot you can do to obtain both the kind of relationship and the financial freedom you desire. 

As a Master Wealth Acceleration Coach, husband, father and successful entrepreneur,  I have helped hundreds of couples for over a decade achieve a more powerful, fun and fulfilling relationship and helped them to use that synergy to build wealth.

There are two major problems that most couples face.

The first is the relationship. Greater than 50% of all marriages and 60% of all relationships fail, often in the first few years.

The second problem is the money. A huge percentage of couples, when they retire or are too old to work are forced to live on Social Security because they don’t have enough wealth accumulated to live the life they worked for. To make matters worse, discussions around money are often a flash point for argument and dissention and add to the rockiness of the relationship.

But why do the majority of couples have these problems?

Are relationships doomed to be painful and is making money so hard
that couples should expect failure?
It does not need to be this way at all!

The challenge for most couples is that they never learned how to focus on the strengths in one another and their relationship and they never learned how to make more money by working together in a more effective and efficient manner as a result of their relationship.

There are many traditional solutions to help couples improve relationships. These range from marriage and family counselors to the advice of well-intentioned friends.

Licensed marriage and family counselors are a very valuable and necessary component needed to help couples sift through issues and improve the flow of communication in relationships.
We all should be grateful for these dedicated people.

On the other hand, the advice of well-intentioned friends and family are often quick-fix solutions that only make matters worse.

Yet, despite the wide availability of professional help, too many relationships continue to fail, flounder and remain very dissatisfying. And, few of these other resources focus on using the synergy of the relationship to build financial freedom that adds to the couple’s stability and security.

As we said earlier, many couples face two major problems. The first is a rocky relationship that is not rewarding and the second is an inability to either generate enough money to provide security or to manage what they have.

My Story

It is easy to talk about my business experience and training and the clients that I have helped.
You can read these things at my “Jimm ” (bio) page.

But my real “training ground” was in the trenches of life. Having lived in a household with a wife, children, dogs, cats, goldfish and other assorted critters for many years was my “basic” training. The children grew up and went to college, the critters moved on, parents became ill and passed on and the first marriage fell apart despite heroic attempts to revive it. 

During the ensuing years of living alone again, I had time to think about what worked, what went wrong and what roles I played in all of this. It was an insightful time and a good time to learn from my mistakes and better ways of being and doing.

During this time I was making good money but living alone. After I left the corporate world to start more businesses of my own, I became even more aware and knowledgeable about the challenges that couples face. I knew what I wanted to do next in my life and I went back to school and trained to become a coach.

This experience catalyzed both my determination to help others and to ensure that my next marriage would be exceptional. And I am ecstatic to say that it worked! I will tell you more about this part below under Living Case Study .

What my wife and I practice in our daily lives is what I help couples to achieve. First they achieve a really exceptional ability to support one another and work together. Then they use the synergy, trust and skills they have developed to focus upon their financial plan to build their wealth and ensure security and flexibility.

What is different about this program is
our focus and our approach.

We offer a
brand new and totally unique approach
to all of this that you will not see anywhere else.

What we are NOT:

  1. We are not marriage counselors and we do not intend to be.  There are a lot of very good marriage counselors out there that help people every day.
  2. We are not financial planners and we do not intend to be.  There are plenty of good financial planners available.

What we ARE and DO:

    • I am a very experienced Master Wealth Acceleration Coach. How this helps you is that our approach comes from championing, supporting, catalyzing, leading (and sometimes pushing) and teaching you more effective ways of doing things.
    • As an experienced entrepreneur, having owned several businesses and investments and managed a large estate, we know what it takes both in your brain and your heart to make these ventures successful.  We work to make powerful use of your strengths and positive characteristics to make you successful.
    • We have a powerful program that leads you, step by step past the focus upon relationship challenges to effective ways of treating and supporting one another.

    • We increase both partners “wealth consciousness” by replacing habits and beliefs that don’t work with new ones that do.  Then you are ready to accelerate your wealth using your newly uncovered synergy.   You will have more focused approach to the process of securing life-long financial freedom.
If you are ready to start learning  how to take your relationship and wealth building
to new levels, just
click here.

You might be asking at this point,
"Isn’t there a pill that I could take and just make it happen?"
As a former Clinical Pharmacist I wouldn’t even be tempted to try
and create such a pill and here is why!
No pill could give you the life-long sense of joy, confidence, peace and fulfillment that comes from escalating your relationship to an every-day level of total enjoyment.  No artificial solution can give you the sense of security that comes from the knowledge that you can generate all the revenue that you need to take care of family and achieve your dreams for the rest of your life. 
This is something that you can do. If you really want to live your life like this, you can! And it is easier than you might think.
If this sounds like hard work, it isn’t. We have a system for building upon what you already have. We help you to replace parts and pieces that don’t work with easy to implement skills and proven principles that quickly become a part of your every day life.

In other words, we help you to grow a successful lifestyle and philosophy of living that works for both of you!
This works for every couple that takes the time to implement these actions into their daily lives. The rewards are immediate because as soon as you implement even basic characteristics, you will see a result in your partner, yourself and the ease with which you accomplish things together.
You might be thinking that this must be expensive; it isn’t!

First, we have designed several programs and resources a different price points to make information available to everyone.

Then we have programs and resources that are done in group format to keep the cost for couples very affordable.

Some of our programs are done over the telephone and computer to eliminate travel time and costs.

Even our live programs are designed to be cost friendly.
If your relationship/marriage becomes one of the statistics we discussed earlier, the emotional cost is devastating.

Additionally, in most states it is possible to lose at least one-half of your assets through divorce or even certain separations.

That could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions.
If you consider the earning potential of a couple that invests and builds wealth together over a lifetime, this could easily be in the millions. It would be a tragedy to lose the opportunity to create this kind of an alliance with your partner.
When you think of the cost of separation, divorce, alienation, splitting of families and loss of potential earnings...
...our program is worth every penny!

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A Real Success Story

Laura and David are really good people. They are a real couple that I have coached, but because
of client confidentiality I am not using their real names.

When they came to me, they were challenged by the economy. Both are Realtors and had done very well during the Real Estate boom. They made more than $250,000 each year and had a growing family. They had purchased several rental houses that were rented and increasing in value.

But then the economy changed everything. No one was buying houses and before too long
they were “upside down” in their rental houses. (They owed more than the properties were worth). Their income dropped to only $35,000 in one year and they were expecting their second child. Something had to be done quickly because they were also at risk of losing their own home.

As we worked together, we focused first upon the strength of their relationship, especially in the face of all of this “bad financial news” which tears many couples apart. We reinforced the strength of their marriage and the love they have for one another and thereby ensured that they would continue to work as a TEAM. This is critical to the success of all couples.

Armed with a strengthened bond and assured dedication to one another and what they represent as partners we focused upon the financial issues. Together we designed an approach to their situation that was compatible with their values, sense of integrity and practical for them. We focused on two fronts at the same time...what to do with the properties that were now liabilities and how to make more money in a changed economy but still using their strengths, knowledge and skills.

Because of their love and devotion to one another they made a very strong team. Working together we looked for new approaches to their business. And as they supported each other, they were able to create new product lines and services and began to find a market within the market.

Today, in spite of the current down economy, they are making progress on all fronts. They are increasing their income month by month, they are reducing their debt and most importantly
their relationship is rock solid.

Success stories like this are the real reward in coaching others.

    When we began Business Coaching as a couple, I guess we expected to be instantly jettisoned into greater business success.  We are so glad that we stuck with the process because we now see that over this time we have become so much more sophisticated in making good business decisions, creating workable business plans, mapping out revenues and putting a solid and profitable business together.  Thank you Jimm for believing in us and holding us to our real and sustainable success – this is MONEY IN THE BANK!

    Michael &Melinda Marks, Grand Junction, CO

    Principals, Millennium Properties LLC

Living Case Study

My lovely wife and I are a living case study. I would like to say that we met, fell in love, married and lived happily ever after. While this is basically true, it wasn’t automatic and it wasn’t always smooth or even easy. First of all it took me a year to get a date with her!

She wasn’t convinced by my marketing campaign or that she even wanted to marry anyone! (Big smile)

Then two years later we were married…delightfully, with a beautiful wedding and an incredible honeymoon in the United Kingdom.

We, like most couples went through a transition period in which she did her best to convince me that I was not as easy to live with as I told her I was!  (Another big smile)

However, our “getting to know you” period had only minor bumps and scrapes and a whole lot of love and appreciation.

This is because we used what we had learned, which was the ability to see the value in one another and to focus upon what we wanted for the long term.

With that in mind, no matter how strongly either of us felt about something in the heat of a moment, we found ways to get over and past these ripples very quickly. This way we could turn our attention to what really mattered, the success of each other and we together as a team.

The underlying respect, acceptance and appreciation of one another catapulted our ability to work together in building our wealth by... ...complementing each other's strengths and...
using our positive focus to achieve our goals rapidly.


    Jimm, Thank you so very much for not buying into our excuses and calling us out when we didn’t live up to our real abilities.  This economy has been challenging in securing the Promissory Notes we wanted and acquiring sufficient capital for our mortgage business.
    This has taken a toll on our confidence.  But you were so right that all we have to do is talk to more people and consider more possibilities to make our business work.
    We can and are doing this!

    I do not have any interest in going back to a regular W2 position even if it were part time. It would take time away from our goal of financial independence and Elsa agrees.  This is our time, its all about ACTION.  Jimm...again thank you!!!! Elsa and I will be attending the seminar on Saturday too.

    Elsa and Michael K Silva, Mission Viejo, CA


The information we offer has been proven to work with countless couples But it only helps when couples have access to this information and training.

Therefore, to ensure that every couple can take advantage of the programs that we offer and
knowing the every couple is starting from a different place, we have designed several programs for you to choose from that will accelerate your ability to work together at a very high level of effectiveness.

This program is normally priced at $397 and it includes the following.

    Love and Money Intensive™

    Five one-hour webinars that give you the latest information on building
    the kind of super synergy that makes it easier and faster to build wealth together.

    Week 1 – Effortless Synergy Starting from where you are now in your relationship, we help you move to a higher, more effective and productive way of working together.  This brings more love, acceptance and a greater sense of teamwork.
    Week 2 – Super Synergy Secrets Building upon the previous week, we now move to an even more effective level of teamwork to include planning, securing common goals and expanding your wealth mindset.  (You don’t want to miss this!)
    Week 3 – Love and Money The amount of wealth that you have accumulated so far, tells you what you really believe about money, abundance and wealth.  We help you to get past limitations, offer alternatives ways of thinking and planning to help you grow your abundance mindset and bank account.
    Week 4 – Wealth Building I Learn to think about wealth building in a whole new and more holistic manner.  See the bigger picture of what you really want to create and steps that would allow you to do that.  Gain a broader understanding of options and possibilities.
    Week 5 – Wealth Building II You create a plan, identify the materials and tools you will need, procure these and begin building.  This is a time to take ACTION and move forward with a new mindset, enhanced teamwork with your partner and begin accepting your rewards.


As you can see, this is a very intensive five-week course that
provides a huge amount of information and value.

Order Now
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    This frees you up to concentrate on what you want, not what bothers you. This is the strongest place from which to build wealth, your dreams and whatever you aspire to as a couple. 

    The greatest FUN in all of this is what you might call a SIDE EFFECT of this training.

    While many couples come to learn about making more money, what they walk away with is much more.

Couples are more at ease and natural with one another, they eliminate the need for unhealthy competition and power positioning and most of all they have a deeper and more profound love and appreciation of one another!


    Putting into practice the principles and techniques taught in this course will reward you with the following benefits:

  • Barriers are lowered between the two of's easy to talk about issues

  • Shift of focus to what you WANT...both of you...away from problem thinking

  • Life is easier, more fun and rewarding as you let go of what doesn't work

  • Your partner is suddenly smarter, more rewarding, easier to get along with

  • You gain a broader perspective, a deeper more fun sense of humor
  • You develop great tools for working together as a team
  • You use the Love and Money DynamicTM to achieve your goals more rapidly

  • “Building wealth” becomes key to your success and the world you serve
  • You and your partner develop a very high level of synergy and effectiveness
  • Your new knowledge, skills and mindset result in building wealth
  • You create effective life and money plans that are catapulted into ACTION
  • You dramatically enhance your relationship, your wealth and the rest of your life.

What if we made this REALLY AFFORDABLE?
I would like to do something special
to ensure that everyone has access to this essential information, therefore...

Sign up NOW
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This means that for our new five-week intensive program,
we are reducing the price to ONLY $247 per couple!

A savings of $150!

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My wife wonders have I have lost my mind? 

Those that sign up after the Early Bird Discount expires pay the regular price of $397.

But the value does not stop here.
In addition to a savings of $150 off
the regular program price,

you will receive the following FREE bonuses

    Bonus #1

    A Workbook to guide you through the program providing insights and visual cues to what is being covered.  It is also a good place for your notes as you participate in the programs.


    Retail $69

    Bonus #2

    MP3 recordings of all 5 programs for you and your partner to review and study at your home or office at your own pace so that you can continually build your understanding of the principles involved with this and take appropriate action.


    Retail $297

    Bonus #3

    An invaluable collection of informative how-to articles, reports and form templates.  Tools for building synergy and wealth that you will not find anywhere else!


    Retail $279

    Bonus #4

    A Very Special Bonus!

    Ready for instant download!


    Delegate Your Way to Wealth Book

    The original 101-page E-Book:

    Delegate Your Way to Wealth

    This will teach you all you want to know about accelerating wealth by building effective teams.


    This has been selling for $147 for over a year!

    What a bargain for this Cutting Edge Information!

As you can see, the bonuses alone are worth $792,
which brings you more value than for the small cost of the program! 
It is like you are getting paid to take the course!


    We Want to Give You the Peace of Mind to
    Confidently Say "YES, I'm Ready to
    Take My Relationship and Wealth Building
    to a higher and more rewarding Level and
    I am purchasing this program!"

    That's Why Our Simple,
    No-Nonsense, Personal Promise:

    "You'll Be Absolutely Blown Away by
    Everything You Learn by the end of the
    second class, or We'll Give You
    100% of Your Money Back!"

    All product refund requests will be processed within 30 days upon approval of
    submission or receipt of returned product


    "Now I am excited Jimm; what do we do next ?"

    To bring your relationship to a super high level of synergy and use that to build financial freedom NOW, simply CLICK on the order button below.

    You will be taken to another page where you can fill out the registration form
    using our private, secure registration server.
      We take American Express, Mastercard, VISA or you can pay using PayPal.

    After you enter your information, you will receive:

      • A receipt for your purchase in your email inbox.
      •  Dates and instructions for accessing the five Love and Money Intensive™ webinars.
      • Information about how and when bonus materials will be sent to you.

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What you will miss if you fail to take action:

    If you have taken the time to read this information, you know that this program offers a lot of depth and practical tools all couples can use at a great price and guarantee.

    We could say that this is so good; you’d be a fool if you miss it! 

    But you are not a fool!

    In fact you probably see the immediate and long-term value in all we teach. Even if your relationship is fairly good now, it will benefit from this program.

    Ask yourself:

      • Is our relationship and wealth exactly where we want it to be NOW?

      • Am I bringing all that I could to our relationship?

      • Do I share leadership and do everything I can to help my partner be successful?

      • How could we work together better?

      • Are we maximizing our ability to create the financial freedom we both want?

      • Will I kick myself tomorrow, next month or years from
        now if I do not take ACTION TODAY?

      • Am I keeping my partner from benefiting from this knowledge and experience?

      • Is what we have to gain worth much more than a mere $197 or even $397?

      Stop second-guessing yourself

      Improve your relationship and wealth!


    Order Now

      (Enter coupon code EARLYINTENS1)

      To Your Loving and Rich Life…

      Jimm Sig




      Jimm Hughey, M.S.
      The Wealth Builder
      Master Wealth Acceleration Coach
      Love and Money Coach

      Jimm Hughey







      P.S. Remember, taking ACTION NOW improves your chances for success today.
      With the discounted price and money back guarantee, how can you lose?

      P.P.S.  Remember to take advantage NOW of the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT and receive a 50% discount off the regular price.

      P.P.P.S. By signing up NOW :

      • Barriers are lowered.
      • Focus shifts, love and living together is more effortless.
      • You gain a new perspective that makes things easier and more rewarding.
      • You develop tools that last a lifetime as you learn more effective ways of working together to create synergy and build wealth.
      • You create workable plans for your relationship and your financial freedom.
      • You have new ways to build wealth and financial freedom.
      • You are catapulted into ACTION that can serve you the rest of your life.

    Important Note:
    Jimm is NOT a psychotherapist, career counselor, financial planner, lawyer, CPA, accountant, investment adviser, Realtor, healer or magician.  He does NOT give ANY advice related to these professions.  Jimm IS a very experienced Graduate Coach, having coached hundreds of couples, individuals and companies as a Master Wealth Acceleration Coach. Jimm IS also a successful entrepreneur, having created and managed several businesses and investments and has built his own millions in the process. 
    Today, he ENJOYS a RICH and LOVING LIFE, living in Southern California with his DELIGHTFUL WIFE!

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